Competition vs. Solidarity: Exploring The Relationship Between Capitalism and White Supremacy Session Code: 2109  


Six 60-minute Zoom sessions

Saturdays, 12Noon - 1:00 PM (CST) 1/9/21 — 2/13/21

Cost: $150 per person

To register, click the link to the right

Facilitator: Ryan Williams-Virden

Meeting dates via Zoom

  • January 9th

  • January 16th

  • January 23rd

  • January 30th

  • February 6th

  • February 13th


A six session series exploring the intersection of race and class in American society with the goal of understanding the intimate connection between economic and racial justice. 


Session 1: Birthing racialized capitalism

Session 2: Buying loyalty: the price of whiteness

Session 3: A not so New Deal: creating the white middle class

Session 4: Economic anxiety and white supremacy 

Session 5: Anti-racism, identity politics, and whiteness

Session 6: Cooperative multicultural economies