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American Multicultural Publications Ethnic & Cultural Diversity Books for Schools, Libraries & Homeschooling,
Current topics include African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, European Americans, Native Americans, Jewish & Arab Americans and Famous American Women. American Multicultural Publications, founded in 1958, is the leading distributor of books designed for multicultural education in schools, as well as for individuals exploring cultural diversity in American history. 

Cahill Learning Resource and Media Lab of San Francisco State University, 
Social Justice 101: Diversity Education Educational resources, lesson plans, student projects. 

Diversity Database (University of Maryland),
A comprehensive index of multicultural and diversity resources. 

Diversity Links,
An annotated directory to 750+ web-sites featuring educational, business, and governmental efforts to foster diversity and intercultural communication. 

Diversity Resources Center,
The purpose of the Diversity Resources Center (DRC) is to promote social equality by transforming educational practices and curricula. The DRC offers a searchable database to provide print, media, and web-based resources relevant to developing "diversity-inclusive" curricula and pedagogy for use by students, faculty, and educators. By "diversity-inclusive" we intend a commitment to developing anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic curricula and pedagogies appropriate to K-12 teaching, as well as for higher education. 

Diversity Web,
A resource for higher education. 

Educational Resource Information Center, 

Links to information on educational issues facing specific populations, such as minority groups, urban education and high risk students. 

Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education,
EMME is an on-line magazine for scholars, practitioners and students of multicultural education. Uniquely theme-oriented, each issue of EMME contains articles, instructional ideas, and reviews of juvenile and professional books and multimedia materials on a particular topic. 

Fifty Multicultural Books Every Child Should Know,
A compilation of books for all ages. 

The McGraw Hill Multicultural Supersite,
The McGraw-Hill Multicultural Supersite attempts to narrow
the gap between multicultural education theory and practice through a collection of information and original resources for in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, and teacher educators. This site is authored by Paul Gorski who is also the author of the Multicultural Pavilion site. 

Minnesota Independent Schools Forum, Multicultural Education,
The Minnesota Independent School Forum is committed to the creation of a truly democratic, pluralistic society that embraces the diversity and interconnectedness of all people. To this end, MISF fosters the development of inclusive, equitable school communities that acknowledge, respect and empower all members of our multicultural society. Through this virtual center for multicultural education resources, MISF aids schools to
 - Include and empower all students and families. 
 - Affirm the experiences and histories of diverse groups within the student body, community      and nation. 
 - Exemplify the democratic ideals of social justice, equality and human dignity and prepare          students to work toward these ideals. 
 - Ensure the success of each student 

Multicultural Book Reviews Homepage,

Collection of book reviews on various aspects of multiculturalism. 

Multicultural Pavilion,
Resources and Dialogues for Educators, Students and Activists. The Multicultural Pavilion strives to provide resources for educators, students, and activists to explore and discuss multicultural education; facilitate opportunities for educators to work toward self-awareness and development; and provide forums for educators to interact and collaborate toward a critical, transformative approach to multicultural education. 

Multicultural Review,
Dedicated to a better understanding of ethnic, racial and religious diversity. 

NAIS Resources and Statistics,

NAIS Web Resources Center,

NAIS Equity and Justice,
Selected Bibliography and Resources 

Teaching Tolerance,
Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance supports the efforts of K-12 teachers and other educators to promote respect for differences and appreciation of diversity. Teaching Tolerance serves as a clearinghouse of information about anti-bias programs and activities being implemented in schools across the country. Teaching Tolerance also produces and distributes free, high-quality anti-bias materials. 
Teaching Tolerance
A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 956-8374 (phone)

Teaching Tolerance Resources,
Free resources from Teaching Tolerance and suggestions of other resources available. 

Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance, 

African American Resources