Minority Students at Prestigious Law Schools Protest Students from Harvard Law School, Georgetown University Law Center and Columbia Law School have all joined the demonstrations held in their cities in protest for the grand jury decisions for Mike Brown Jr and Eric Garner. "We led rallies, held vigils and published an oped," says the coalition that has been formed at Harvard Law School. Students have been allowed to petition to delay their finals because with protesting during the civil rights movement of their time, they have had no time to study.


A "Die In" at Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical Students, faculty and staff participated in a 15 1/2 minute long "die in" on the school's Boston campus Wednesday. 4 1/2 minutes to represent the hours Mike Brown's body laid on the ground in Canfield and 11 minutes to represent the 11 times Eric Garner told the police he could not breathe before suffocating.


Berkeley and the Spark of Protest Berkeley, the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, has recently become mobilized in the midst of Ferguson and the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision. This article provides helpful and important contextual framing to the Berkeley protests.


Asian American Solidarity Statements and Articles in Support of #blacklivesmatter With the grand jury non-indictment of the police killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, Asian Americans across the country have been on the streets expressing our solidarity and having the deep and necessary conversations in our community. http://www.seeding-change.org/asiansforblacklives/



America's Getting Less White And That Will Save It  Author William Frey writes, "America reached an important milestone in 2011. That occurred when, for the first time in the history of the country, more minority babies than white babies were born in a year"  This interesting article explores the birth rates of "minority" populations relative to the white population and the data is fascinating. Must read.

by William Frey