Youth Action for Social Justice Leadership Retreat

October 17-18, 2014

San Mateo Couonty Office of Education (SMCOOE) Central Offices


The month of October is dedicated to reflecting on equity issues in San Mateo County. As recent reports show, diversity is growing across the county and in many counties; former race and ethnic minorities have become the majority.


This is a dramatic shift which may require a reassessment of school policies, expectations, and culture. Teachers may have to re-consider that which is taken for granted and that which is considered “special”.


Students too may have to reassess how they view the world, their lived, friends and the future. They may have come to rely on being the majority or the minority and what comes with those titles.


San Mateo County, California has had for many decades housing and residential segregation which has lead to school segregation. Of the 23 districts within the county, only _ schools can be considered racially integrated.


Beyond the numbers, however, how do students of different cultures view one another? Do ELL students feel integrated or do they find comfort in their own language and cultural spaces?


The Youth Action for Social Justice retreat is meant to be a space for high school students to explore the complexities of difference and how to create effective means of communicating, acting and challenging bias when it arises.




RSVP: Randolph Carter or 202-320-0530