School Associations and Organizations


American Association of School Administrators,
AASA’s provides resources and support for school system leaders. 

American Council on Education,
ACE focuses on issues of higher education and they serve higher education and other educational organizations. 

Association of Independent Maryland Schools,
AIMS is an association of over 100 private independent academic, college preparatory schools. 

Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington, (AISGW)
AISGW represents 82 member indpendent schools in the Washington, D.C. metro area. 

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,
ASCD's provides resources, research, and policy guidelines on issues related to supervision and curriculum. 

Independent Educational Services,
IES provides services in the recruitment, selection, and career development of teachers and administrators. 

Independent School Management,
ISM offers services to independent schools, including consulting, publications, insurance, and workshops. 

Klingenstein Center for Independent School Education,
The Klingenstein Center, at Teacher's College (Columbia University) offers graduate studies in Independent School Education. 

National Association of Elementary School Principals,
NAESP provides resources and support to elementary and middle school level principals and educators. 

National Association of Independent Schools,
The National Association of Independent Schools represents over 1,100 independent schools and associations in the United States and abroad. 

National Association of Secondary School Principals,
NASSP provides resources and support for secondary school principals in the administration, supervision, curriculum planning, and effective staff development 

National Catholic Educational Association,
The National Catholic Educational Association focuses on advancing excellence in catholic education and catechesis. 

National Education Association,
"Making public schools great for everyone"
NEAs mission is: To fulfill the promise of a democratic society, the National Education Association shall promote the cause of quality public education and advance the profession of education; expand the rights and further the interest of educational employees; and advocate human, civil, and economic rights for all. 

National Middle School Association,
NMSA is the only national education association dedicated exclusively to the growth of middle level education. 

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS),
The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) is the only US-based, non-profit educational organization exclusively serving boarding schools and students. 

Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS),
VAIS represents independent schools in Virginia. 


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