Into, Through, and Beyond: Teaching During the Apocalypse

Session Code: 3915  

Three 90-minute Zoom sessions

Tuesdays, 3:30 - 5:00 PM (pacific) 10/6/20 — 10/20/20

Cost: $250 per person--to register, click the link to the right

Who Should Attend:

Teachers of grades 6-12 of any subject area

Teaching during this time can be a harrowing and isolating endeavor. And yet, even across different contexts and conditions, we are navigating the same challenges: a global pandemic, a racial reckoning, the consequences of climate change, and an impending election. We invite you to come together in community to share in your challenges, devise strategies and approaches, and connect with teachers across sites to collaborate on what it means to teach at this moment in time. The first session (Into) of this series will focus on the landscape we’re teaching in and some of the common challenges we face; participants will come away with possible tools to bring to their classrooms. The second session (Through) will invite participants to share what they’ve tried and problem-solve in community. The third session (Beyond) will provide participants with opportunities to reflect on how they’re showing up as they look at the months ahead. Through all these sessions, we will be authentic about what we’re facing and stay present to how we can work within our spheres of control and influence to make the most of the moment.


Liza Gleason is an antiracist educator, coach, and facilitator for organizations and individuals. As an elementary and middle school teacher for 25 years, she observed the vital importance of examining whiteness - as an individual, as a system, and as a workplace - firsthand.  She believes deeply that ongoing self-examination of whiteness within a system or an individual is the key to creating a truly antiracist environment. Currently, she is in a doctorate program at Mills College researching teacher identity and how it shapes the work teachers do in their classrooms. Liza is devoted to opening both dialogues and minds regarding antiracist practices to drive radical changes to policy and programming.

Malika Carter is a middle school teacher, a dedicated curriculum designer, a coach, and a believer that engaging, equitable education can change the world. She has been an elementary and middle school teacher for 20 years.

Lori Cohen has worked in education (both public and independent schools) for over 20 years, serving as a teacher, instructional coach, school leader, and professional development facilitator. She taught middle school english language arts and social science, high school english, humanities, and religion/philosophy courses and worked to create curriculum that was student centered and equity focused. Lori also has been a professional development leader who has facilitated workshops ranging from new teacher development, to growth and evaluation, to curriculum development and scope/sequence work. While at her previous school, Lori developed a Teaching Fellows program for new teachers, in-house professional development tailored to the needs of the staff, built the school's instructional coaching program, and served as the Dean of Faculty where she oversaw the overhaul of growth and evaluation. She brings a broad range of skillsets to her consulting work, from culturally responsive classroom practices to systems thinking, leadership, and school oversight—all through the lenses of equity and inclusion.