Teaching While White Virtual Workshop Series: 

Understanding Whiteness and Its Impact on Teaching and Learning

In many ways, the racial injustice being highlighted at this time in history is not new. What IS new is the way racial justice is now being covered by the mainstream media and discussed in every forum. Students are looking to their teachers to help navigate and make sense of what they are seeing. This workshop series is conducted as a white, antiracist affinity space so that we can develop a greater understanding of white racial identity and develop the skills and racial literacy to guide the next generation towards greater racial justice.

Workshop #1: Teaching While White: Now What? Session Code: 1202  

February 2-3, 2022 (Wednesday - Thursday)

3:00pm –  5:30pm PST | 6:00pm – 8:30pm EST  | 

$250 per person; team of 3 from the same school/institution: $650

A two-session, virtual workshop that meets via Zoom for white teachers and administrators who understand that race matters in the classroom, but who still feel uncomfortable engaging in racial topics, especially across racial difference. To better understand our own perspective, we will explore what it means to be “white” and why it matters. We will explore the concept of managing racial stress and what to do when we start to feel overwhelmed. We will discuss why being “colorblind” is not a solution, what language is appropriate to use, how stereotypes influence everyone, and how we can be more conscious of our own biases in the classroom to ensure we are effective teachers for all students.

We do not want the tuition to be a barrier to participation. We can offer a sliding scale, so please reach out to Elizabeth at elizabeth@teachingwhilewhite.org to discuss options.

Facilitators: Elizabeth Denevi & Jenna Chandler-Ward

Click here for information on Workshop #2

Click here for information on Workshop #3

Participants may sign up for workshops individually or for both in the series. #2 builds upon the work of #1, but participants with a solid understanding of implicit bias and concepts such as stereotype threat and microaggressions may choose to register only for Workshop #2: From Ally to Accomplice.